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Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

Chrysten Shea, RN, BSN, CCM, Founder and Director of Nurchers.org, having previous board appointments with Birth Haven, Pass It Along, and Sparta Board of Education, and drawing on her extensive skill set, substantial experience and broad array of training, is uniquely suited for this endeavor.

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Urgent Needs - Please help in any way you can to secure the following items!
- Antibiotics: liquids, caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Anti-Anemics: drops, Caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Vitamins : All kinds.
- Analgesics: Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen
- Anti-Inflammatories : Naproxen ( All kind )
- Anti-fever ( All kind )
- Flu vacciines
- Anti-cough
- Anti-rhumatism / arthritis
- Anti-Asthma
- Anti-Hypertension
- Anti-cholesterol
- Solutions: salt=Normal saline,
- sugar=D5W mixed=ringers lactate
- Scalp-intravenous scalp catheter
- Adhesive bandages, Cotton Gauze
- Proteins
- Anti-Diabetes
- Antacids
- Cimetidine tab, Inj, Lansopazole tab, Omeprazole caps, Pantoprazole tab
- Metronidazole tab, suspension
- Antivers
- Antibiotic Drops and creams for eyes, ears

Chrysten has achieved the following certifications: NICU IV, NRP, CPR, EFM, CRM, and as a Medical Center Nurse, she was actively involved with OR, Labor, Delivery and PACU. Additionally, she has experience as a Classroom and Clinical Nursing Instructor, Academic Services Director, Hospital Practice Administrator, Corporate Operations Consultant and Financial Analyst, Workers Compensation Field Case Manager and Certified Catastrophic Field Case Manager. Chrysten was even the owner and operator of a small coffee shop in her home town.

About Nurchers
Nurchers.org is a non-profit organization created by nurse educators to share the wealth of their healthcare wisdom by introducing at the village level: basic life saving skills, health and wellness information and disease prevention measures to impoverished populations throughout the world.

Identify and organize nurses and teachers as community resources who can share skill sets with those most in need.

By sharing our knowledge to enthusiasts in other cultures we hope to invoke pride and national caring among neighbors. It is based on the philosophy of ''each one teach one,'' an ancient African proverb where neighbor teaches neighbor vital skills for survival.

The goal is to identify, empower, instruct and deploy individuals and groups within the indigenous community to help ''spread healthcare wisdom globally, one village at a time.''