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Nurchers.org is a non-profit organization created by nurse educators to share the wealth of their healthcare wisdom by introducing at the village level: basic life saving skills, health and wellness information and disease prevention measures to impoverished populations throughout the world.

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Urgent Needs - Please help in any way you can to secure the following items!
- Antibiotics: liquids, caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Anti-Anemics: drops, Caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Vitamins : All kinds.
- Analgesics: Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen
- Anti-Inflammatories : Naproxen ( All kind )
- Anti-fever ( All kind )
- Flu vacciines
- Anti-cough
- Anti-rhumatism / arthritis
- Anti-Asthma
- Anti-Hypertension
- Anti-cholesterol
- Solutions: salt=Normal saline,
- sugar=D5W mixed=ringers lactate
- Scalp-intravenous scalp catheter
- Adhesive bandages, Cotton Gauze
- Proteins
- Anti-Diabetes
- Antacids
- Cimetidine tab, Inj, Lansopazole tab, Omeprazole caps, Pantoprazole tab
- Metronidazole tab, suspension
- Antivers
- Antibiotic Drops and creams for eyes, ears

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