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Nurchers.org is a non-profit organization created by nurse educators to share the wealth of their healthcare wisdom by introducing at the village level: basic life saving skills, health and wellness information and disease prevention measures to impoverished populations throughout the world.

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Urgent Needs - Please help in any way you can to secure the following items!
- Antibiotics: liquids, caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Anti-Anemics: drops, Caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Vitamins : All kinds.
- Analgesics: Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen
- Anti-Inflammatories : Naproxen ( All kind )
- Anti-fever ( All kind )
- Flu vacciines
- Anti-cough
- Anti-rhumatism / arthritis
- Anti-Asthma
- Anti-Hypertension
- Anti-cholesterol
- Solutions: salt=Normal saline,
- sugar=D5W mixed=ringers lactate
- Scalp-intravenous scalp catheter
- Adhesive bandages, Cotton Gauze
- Proteins
- Anti-Diabetes
- Antacids
- Cimetidine tab, Inj, Lansopazole tab, Omeprazole caps, Pantoprazole tab
- Metronidazole tab, suspension
- Antivers
- Antibiotic Drops and creams for eyes, ears

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Nurchers in the News
Group of nurses educates villagers in Haiti
by Kathy Stevens, New Jersey Herald

Chrysten Shea, of Lake Hopatcong, is both a nurse and a teacher. She is a nurcher.
Her new nonprofit organization, nurchers.org, was incorporated in November to assist the people in Haiti who are still recovering from a devastating earthquake that occurred Jan. 12, 2010. The magnitude 7.0 quake killed thousands and devastated the country.

A year later, there is still little infrastructure and thousands still lack basic necessities, medical care and housing. Rubble remains uncleared.

A friend of local doctor Dr. Jean-Paul Bonnet for 20 years, who one year ago began a mobile medical unit SanteBus project to take medical help to the earthquake victims, Shea said she asked Bonnet this past fall what she could do to help the people of Haiti.

The answer was to help the people help themselves, and thus was born the goal of nurchers.org. The organization introduces villagers to basic life-saving skills, health-and-wellness information and disease prevention measures.

On Jan. 1, Shea and Mary McDermott, of Sparta, both of nurchers.org, traveled to Haiti with a group of 20 nurses from Project Medishare. They worked in the pediatric ICU at Hospital Bernard Mevs, the only ICU hospital left standing in Haiti, treating children up to age 12. Care included rat bites, palliative care to a young girl with cancer, basic first aid and emergency care. . . .
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The Director's Blog . . .

2011 January Diary:

01-01 8:22am. Pushed off from our gate in JFK headed to PAP. Just spoke to Pat and Owie. Feeling GREAT PEACE! My prayer right now, Holy Spirit fill me up to go forth as a missionary for you. 9:35am. miss Pat and Owen. I suddenly feel a void. Miss U.S.A. even though we are most likely still in the US still. I am suddenly, for the first time in months, empty of all expectations. I am not feeling nervous or anxious just feel sad, empty, void, alone. Questioning my goals, reasons for coming. was this a good idea? What can I accomplish? Am I strong enough? Skilled enough? Flights for St. Barts and Atlanta, GA were being called out in our terminal I wanted to run to those gates and board them instead of PAP. 10:00 EZ reading, Elle magazine. Editor says, To Kill a Mockingbird was her first/fave inspirational read as a young girl (Col too - missing her) and still is: we are obligated to do the right thing, even if it is the hard thing. Hmmmmmmmm

2pm arrived PAP. Nightmare in the airport. Hustle, bustle no driver. Awful crowd. Literally wrestled our luggage for over an hour shooing off bribes and aggressive helpers. Got to compound after 2pm unloaded supplies to each unit by hand. ER, ICU, OR, Spinal cord unit, PT, OT, Clinic and Peds. Told we are on night shift. starts in 4 hours. Found my bunk, took one Benadryl and went to sleep.

6pm-2am. a blur. a flurry of activity. Sick and recovering babies every where. Yet, a very controlled environment. Great team of nurses and docs. Could not last past 2am. Permission to leave and sleep. permission granted. Hit the sack at 2am up at 5am back on shift at 6am.

01-02 worked 6am-7pm. Same revolving door. One or two steady hospice patients. Loved em all up as best I could. Went back to bunk, ate and slept.

01-03 4am. up at em. back to shift. Same stuff, longer, faster, more patients, more people on the unit Mondays are busy, bustling. New supplies! Fresh linens! NEW CRIB SHEETES - YEAH! Last night we ran out and had to use chuxs for sheets and to swaddle newbies! Ha to all the nay-sayers who mocked me packing chux! LOL! Such great work, such a great team. So much joy and fulfillment.

7pm just finished dinner, tried to climb in my bunk. Got stuck half in and half out of my mosquito net, on all fours. Screaming in pain. An ER nurse came to the rescue. Got me out of my bunk and up to the ER. I blew my c-spine! Immobile, in agony! Meds and bed. Slept 4 hours: 11p-3am.

01-04 4am. Showed up on the unit looking like the walking dead. Nurse Mary was literally afraid I was sleep walking. Tried to help. Left hand was already numb and useless. Could not start an IV, could not hold a baby. Changed beds, emptied bed pans, cleaned closets, organized nurses station, ran to lab and pharmacy for others. Useless as a nurse.

11am. started searching the internet for flights home. All doped up and no place to go. Tried to sleep. Called home. Hysteria setting in. Donšt want to leave. Can not stay. Taking up space and meals.

01-05 where to go, how to begin now that this journey is almost over. Was not scheduled to leave until Jan 8th. I feel like I have failed. God, why did you bring me this far to leave me? What is next on this failed journey? Just pushed off from the gate in Ft. Lauderdale. I was so out of it! Dont know how I would have made home without help from rock star Melissa the pharmacy tech who helped me from the hospital to the airport and to my connecting flight home. She realized I had booked two flights home in error and helped me wrangle to get a refund on one! Safe in the car now at JFK. So good to see Pat!

01-06 Happy to be home with Pat and Owie, sad to unpack. Need to debrief. Slow process. Already seeing the need to come home early was to get ready to mark/mourn the 1 year anniversary in a big way. Already started planning a prayer memorial service. When one door closes, another one opens. Saw Dr. V. today. X-rays show herniated c-spine at 4 levels. Ouch! MRI tomorrow to confirm.

01-07 so much snow! In contrast to 80 degree weather and lots of humidity in Haiti. MRI confirms four level herniation: two mild, one level severe and one level moderate. Will see neuro surgeon next week if the snow ever stops.....

01-14 1st attempt to have memorial was snowed out. Very disappointed. Lots of cupcakes left to sell! Will try for re-do next week! Surgeon wants to wait and see with new meds, if herniation will get better over time. It is very distracting and very painful. Can not drive. So frustrated. The upside: Getting a ton of work done since up all night!

01-21 2nd attempt at having the memorial prayer service= CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW. Will it ever end? People are losing interest. More cupcakes left to sell . . .

02-09 Event happens as originally planned! Beautiful prayer memorial service commemorating the One Year Anniversary since the Quake in Haiti. Theme: HEARTS AND HANDS HEAL HAITI. Praise songs, slide show (of patients and nurses and doctors). Memorial prayers for those who passed: siblings and loved ones of those we met and patients we cared for who did not make it. God speed them home! Prayers for those left behind! Prayers for the nurses, doctors, translators, transporters, workers, cooks who serve the hospital every day in spite of their own pain and loss!

Feb. 14th. Another successful board planning meeting. Great outpouring of support from our prayer service! Donations of money, supplies and air miles from the community! Beautiful people helping beautiful people. Men anpil chay pa lou! Many hands lighten the burden! We are writing basic safety, prevention, nutrition and first aid curriculum to be translated into French/Creole by Haitians. This will be used on the unit and throughout the country on future trips to Each One Teach One, imparting healthcare wisdom to the village level! Next group of nurses will go on ground April 8th. Then more in June! God bless these nurses!

2010 Diary - PRE-TRIP:

12-21 * SMS is donating my suture kit and supplies! Too bad I can only carry 2 50# bags on board!!! I will ship the rest!

12-20 * Dr. Pam and Pensacola pediatrics just mailed a BIG package of supplies and a donation!

12-19 * I am trembling with excitement and anticipation! Need to get a new camera to capture the events while in Haiti!

12-14 * Holiday party in the Freehold office! Huge outpouring of support! They are collecting medical supplies and money for the trip! Awesome co-workers!

12-11 * Black Bear Gym Katie n Rick - awesome support! Dropped off box for donations! They donated Ideal Protein Shakes (my primary food source) for the whole 8 days!!

12-10 * Got all my immunizations this week: Hep A, Hep B, DPT, Flu, Typhoid. Feel like a pin cushion! Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, so supportive of this mission!

12-08 * Web site rocking thanks to big sis talent and artwork by PJ!!! Love my Family!!

12-07 * American Airlines stopped all flights due to riots. My precious girlie is nervous but is sure I must persevere even with political unrest.

12-06 * Looking for a donation of small, portable sonogram/ultrasound machine for next Sante Bus going to Haiti Jan. 8th. Know anyone? Give us a call!!!

12-02 * Donations pouring in! Looking for cheap flights . . .

12-01 * Getting more and more nurses who want to go and volunteer! Love that!!! Jan. trip is closed but maybe in March . . .