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Nurchers.org is a non-profit organization created by nurse educators to share the wealth of their healthcare wisdom by introducing at the village level: basic life saving skills, health and wellness information and disease prevention measures to impoverished populations throughout the world.

We need approximately one thousand dollars per day for meds to care for two to three hundred patients per day in Cite Soleil, Haiti. Our nurses are going for 5 days from August 13 to 20, 2012. Hotel and airfare are covered plus security, transportation and translation. We still need medicals and financial donations!

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Urgent Needs - Please help in any way you can to secure the following items!
- Antibiotics: liquids, caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Anti-Anemics: drops, Caps, tabs, Injectables.
- Vitamins : All kinds.
- Analgesics: Tylenol, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen
- Anti-Inflammatories : Naproxen ( All kind )
- Anti-fever ( All kind )
- Flu vacciines
- Anti-cough
- Anti-rhumatism / arthritis
- Anti-Asthma
- Anti-Hypertension
- Anti-cholesterol
- Solutions: salt=Normal saline,
- sugar=D5W mixed=ringers lactate
- Scalp-intravenous scalp catheter
- Adhesive bandages, Cotton Gauze
- Proteins
- Anti-Diabetes
- Antacids
- Cimetidine tab, Inj, Lansopazole tab, Omeprazole caps, Pantoprazole tab
- Metronidazole tab, suspension
- Antivers
- Antibiotic Drops and creams for eyes, ears

More Information and Resources

Watch an informational video on recovery efforts in Haiti, with Bill Clinton...

Read about the SanteBus Project, which features a built-in income generative program, to ensure its sustainability in the long-term. GM Chevy Suburbans, known for their durability and strength, as well as their ability to navigate challenging terrain, are reborn as SanteBus Suburbans complete with SanteBus graphics and a tri-lingual driver who knows the region, the roads, and the people. These Suburbans can be reserved before visitors even arrive in Haiti, and will greet them at the airport.

The Healing Haiti Fund is dedicated to creating sustainable development in Haiti, and the SanteBus Fleet of buses and Suburbans is just the first of several projects the Fund will undertake in partnership with the people of Haiti and the international community.

Nursing accommodations are being made through partnership with:
Hands of Mary for Haiti and Project Medishare.